About Adams Chiropractic

We’ve been delivering quality chiropractic care to the Columbia and Boone County area for over 20 years.

We recently went back into private practice in Columbia after having been in a large group practice for five years. We have also opened a new practice in north Boone County in the town of Sturgeon, near our home, and where our children attend school.

Our credo is “Get out of Pain…Lead an Active Life.”

Too many people are content to believe that based on their age, and old injury or physical disability, that they have to be on the shelf or sideline. We believe that with proper diagnosis and treatment that we can either alleviate or at least optimally improve a person’s overall well-being and that they may achieve overall improvement in quality of life and health.

We truly enjoy being introduced to those folks who have been told, “you're just too old, live with it,” or “we’re sorry, that is the most you’re going to heal.” To take someone who may be in a situation to believe that this is “as good as it gets,” and see their function and quality of life return to normal, or improve by 50-70-80% when they had no quality of life…now that is exciting! Call today!

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